Les nappes

I've always found beauty and aestheticism in stains, drips and smudges. Brushstrokes and marks without control fascinate me; it's in the unintentional that I find the most freedom...

"Les Nappes" serie (Tablecloths), paper version or linen sheet version...?...to be continued... Winter 2019, it's too cold in the studio and I paint on the kitchen table. Large pieces of kraft paper are used as a protective tablecloth and are strewn with paint stains. Pasted on wood, varnished and framed, they have become artworks in their own right... 2022 and 2023, huge old sheets found at flea markets are transformed into giant brush towels in my new, equally giant studio in Cordes-sur-Ciel. Little problem of size for framing and presentation: they are very, very large!

The story really began in 2017 with 2 long wooden panels that I used as supports for painting outside, as well as the first kraft papers that protected another kitchen table!

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